Things You Should Not Eat or Drink While Eating And Why

I do agree eating is very important, but there are rules to it, if you want a healthy life, one of them is do not consume certain items while eating.
Things Not To Eat or Drink While Eating - credits to pixabay

1. Fruits: It contains sugar and digest in no time and therefore pass rapidly through the stomach to the intestine for absorption to take place. 

In a situation where they are eaten with  foods that takes lot of time to digest such as proteins, starches or fats, the fruits become held up in the stomach and begin to ferment which will then have a negative impact on the digestion process on the whole.

Water melons also ferment even with other fruits sometimes, it digests faster than other fruits.

Being a sweet fruit, it can be eaten along with other sweet fruits but not with acidic/citrus ones.

2. Milk: Yes it is protein, but is unlike other protein that are densely concentrated like meat, eggs, nuts etc. 

Milk does not even digest in the stomach but in the duodenum. That is why, in the presence of milk, the stomach does not secrete its digestive enzymes.

This prevents the digestion of other foods consumed along with the milk.

Even more so, due to its high fat and protein content, when it enters the stomach, milk coagulates to curd.

This curd sticks around particles of other foods in the stomach covering them from gastric juices, in the process preventing their digestion.

3. Liquids: This should be a law, no liquid should be taken with solids. 

Liquid tends to pass away immediately into the intestine, taking away all the digestive enzymes thus slowing down the process of digestion.

 Liquids must be taken before consuming a meal or one hour after it but not in the process od consuming a meal.

All kind of beverages like tea, coffee, alcohol, soft drinks are great hindrance to normal digestion.

Digestive enzymes are severely inhibited in the presence of liquid just as acids becomes weak when mixed with water.

All fruit juices are passed faster than fruits into the intestine.

Citrus fruit juices and lemon water brings down starch digestion creating severe gas and fermentation.

It is best to have them alone and on an empty stomach.
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