The Unique Garlic Remedy For Your Health

The Unique Secret Garlic Remedy That The Body Needs.

The Unique Garlic Remedy For Your Health

We all know how beneficial garlic is to the body. But most do it yourself remedies or recipes involves chewing and eating a raw garlic or drinking its juice, which most of us would not really like to do. Also, the garlic that enters the food pipe and the stomach may create burning sensation in some people suffering from ulcer and gastro oesophageal reflux disease (GERD).
The Unique Garlic Remedy For Your Health

Garlic contains an effective medicinal ingredient known as allicin, which does wonders to the body. So is there any other way to have all those benefits without actually eating the garlic clove?

Yes, there is one method that is so totally unique from all other garlic remedies. Try this for 10-15 days and you would start experiencing the beneficial effects of garlic.

How To Do This Remedy

The Unique Garlic Remedy For Your Health

Place a garlic clove in your mouth. Let your tongue secrete saliva. Keep moving the garlic clove in your mouth to secrete more saliva.

When To Try It?

Do it first thing in the morning when you wake up for 30 minutes. Let the garlic stay in your mouth for about 30 minutes.

What Happens If You Do So?

The beneficial ingredient of garlic (allicin) gets mixed with your saliva and they go inside your body.

When the healing effects of garlic reach your blood stream, your lymphatic system and capillaries get cleansed. Also, garlic is good for your oral hygiene though it smells bad!

What To Do After 30 Minutes?

Spit the remaining saliva present in your mouth out. Brush your teeth and chew a few mint leaves to get rid of the garlic odour in your mouth.

Does This Practice Have Benefits?

Yes, it aids your immunity, boosts your appetite, prevents flu, anemia, respiratory issues, works well for bronchitis and also is beneficial for your bladder and kidneys.

What Else Does It Do?

It also work in reducing chronic cough and also in preventing formation of kidney stones.


If you are allergic to garlic, Do not try this remedy. Also, if you are already suffering from mouth odour, garlic can make things worse. So, consult your doctor before trying this remedy.
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