Cold Water VS Warm Water; Which Is Best?

Cold Water Versus Warm Water; Which Is Most Better For A Healthy Body?

Cold Water Versus Warm Water; Which Is Most Better For A Healthy Body?

It is a common habit for people to drink water when they are thirsty or feel like it, water plays an important role for our daily health processes.

Also in order to get the maximum benefit of drinking liquid in the morning, you need to go for a cup of water?

Several research carried out have shown that drinking warm water on an empty stomach gives several health benefits that are way more than what you thought!

But which is best hot or cold water?
Drinking warm water, first thing in the morning, gives you a jump-start for the day for maximum productivity.

We know that our body is made up of 70% water and this liquid is an important part of our daily life. Though one can survive without eating food for several days, we cannot survive without drinking water even for a week.

Though there are no nutrients in warm water as also in cold or normal water. Water is a zero-calorie healthy drink that is essential for various body functions.

But water may contain certain essential minerals in varying proportions depending on the source of water.

Many natural home remedies stress on the benefits of drinking warm water in the morning. In today's article, we have listed some of the top reasons on why you need to go for hot water and also which is best between the two - hot or cold water.

Benefits Of Hot Water:

1. It Relieves Throat Problems

Drinking warm water has the excellent benefits of reducing the swelling in the throat and also helps in providing a temporary relief. It works wonders for irritated and dry throat. It is especially useful in the morning when you wake up with a dry throat and the pain that it causes as you swallow anything.

2. Improves Bowel Movements:

Drinking a glass of warm water on an empty stomach is a good way to stimulate the intestinal tract and improves its bowel movement. Furthermore, it also aids the body for better absorption of food during the day. This is one of the top benefits of drinking hot water.

3. Aids Better Circulation:

Drinking warm water improves the blood flow in the circulatory system. It has been proven in several studies that when the body is exposed to a high temperature, the blood cell flow raises significantly.

4. Improves Weight Loss:

Consuming warm water is known to be the best when it comes to aiding the weight loss process. Drinking warm water promotes a decrease in appetite and body mass index.

Why Is Drinking Cold Water Bad For You: 

a. Decreases Hydration:

Drinking cold water is known to constrict the blood vessels and this will lead to a reduction in hydration. Not drinking enough water can lead to several issues.

b. Restricts Digestion: 

Drinking cold water reduces the ability for the body to digest food, especially food with fatty contents. The main reason for this is that, cold liquids solidify the fats in the bloodstream and can lead to diseases such as athetosclerosis. So, if you have been wondering 'is cold water good for health', you just got your answer now.

c. Heats Up The Body:

Yes, you are wondering how is it possible, it is true. The body releases more energy when you drink cold water in order to heat it up and use it.

d. Forms Excess Mucus:

Cold water is known to form excess mucus in the respiratory system and even in the process solidifies them. This leads to congestion and also raises the risk of a throat infection.

Hence, these points suggest that it is much more better to go for warm water and avoid drinking cold water on a daily basis.

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