7 Ways To Better Your Mental Health

Being human can be so stressful, that sometimes we look for anything that can help us cope with the stress.
7 Ways To Better Your Mental Health

Now a busy, stressful life will not only affect your mental health, it also begin to diminish your body’s defenses against disease and invading organisms. 

While reducing your stress levels can go a long way in helping you cope through your day-to-day activities, sometimes it’s not always just about stress we have to deal with.

7 Ways To Better Your Mental Health

In order to improve your mind, you must work along with your body. Everything is connected when it comes to your health, and you simply can’t correct one aspect of your self and neglect the other. 

These are perfect 7 ways to better your mental health that will also improve your overall well being.

1. Exercise

If you have thought of or even quit your excercise routine to ease of the stress, you are wrong, studies suggest that aerobic activity—things like jogging, walking, cycling, and even swimming—can help diminish feelings of anxiety or depression, improve mood, and raise self-esteem. 

That sounds like a great reason for you to start back with that shelved plan!

2. Reduce Your Caffeine Intake

Yes I know what just came to your mind, you drink caffeine to give yourself a boost; but please don’t forget, caffeine is a drug, and the “safe” dosage varies widely from person to person.

A stimulant that causes you to stay alert at low doses, high doses can cause anxiety and irritability; too much can prove toxic, even deadly. 

With so many other options available, why not just cut caffeine from your diet altogether huh?

3. Don’t Drink Alcohol

Before you start to defend yourself with that quote of 'alcohol drowns your sorrows', may be you should think of what happens when those sorrows become an ocean and drown you, doesn't feel glamorous anymore huh.

A recent study suggests a link between alcoholism and anxiety disorders like post traumatic stress disease -PTSD. 

While drinking heavily can put a person at a higher risk for a car accident or an act of violence, even more worse it can actually twist the brain, making it harder to recover mentally from a traumatic experience.

While the research is still new, it seems heavy drinking could increase anxiety, so why not stay off alcohol completely?

4. You Have To Stop Smoking

Recent research shows smoking is actually a very damaging mental activity for you as a person. 

Smokers who successfully quit were polled six months after and all reported lower levels of depression, anxiety, and overall stress levels as compared to before. 

The effects on the former smokers’ lives were actually comparable to that of antidepressants. 

And if you think you can't, do a 3D x-ray of lungs and put it on your wall next to a non-smoking lung, believe me, you'd have a change of heart.

5. You Need To Breathe Clean Air

Air pollution does play a role in our mood. Recently, the American Psychological Association commented “evidence is mounting that dirty air is bad for your brain, that high levels may damage a children’s cognitive abilities, increase adults’ risk of cognitive decline, and possibly even contribute to depression.

But it’s more than that: it might have even started before birth, with an unborn child’s exposure to air pollution possibly leading to memory or attention deficit problems later in life.

6.You Need Meditation

For some, it might seem like an obvious conclusion, but meditation—especially mindfulness meditation—could be a wonderful way to feel better mentally.

 A recent report from Johns Hopkins University pointed to 47 studies that suggest it’s a good way to relieve stress, anxiety, or depression. 

This is great news because in the past there have been very few scientific studies done on the subject.

7. You Need To Steer Clear of Pesticides

No one wants pesticides used on their foods; unfortunately, it happens all the time. There’s even worrying evidence suggesting that prolonged exposure can affect your mental health.

 A recent report examined the link between a depression diagnosis in farmers and specific pesticides: “those who used organochlorine insecticides were up to 90 percent more likely to have been diagnosed with depression than those who hadn’t used them. 

For fumigants, the increased risk was up to 80 percent.” Like caffeine and alcohol, pesticides should be avoided.

Living an uncluttered, unrushed, natural lifestyle is a good way to cut short the sources of anxiety before they start.
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