Natural Home Remedy For Athritis

Athritis is a disease that affects the joints due to inflammation of the joints. It is usually associated with ageing. It exist in different forms such as:

Septic arthritis: Septic arthritis also known as infectious arthritis, and is mostly caused by bacteria, or fungus even viruses. It is an inflammation of a joint that's caused by infection. Typically, septic arthritis affects one large joint in the body, such as the knee or hip. Less frequently, septic arthritis can affect multiple joints.
Natural Home Remedy For Athritis

Osteoathritis Osteoarthritis is a noninflammatory joint disease whereby the cartilage of the joint thins, crookedly -- so only one knee or hand may be affected. 

Rheumatoid arthritis is a destructive joint disease that is caused by inflammation in the tissue that normally produces lubrication fluid for joints. When this tissue continues to be inflamed, it turns to deformity by loosening joint ligaments and to joint destruction by eroding away cartilage and bone.

Synptoms of Athritis
1. Stiffness of the joint.
2. Swelling of the joint.
3. Pains in the joint.
4. Weight loss.
5. Difficulty moving the joint.
6. Fever.
7. Muscle ache.

Do It Yourself Home (DIY) Remedy For Athritis




How to Prepare
1. Cut five pieces each of garlic and ginger into small pieces.
2. Put into 50cl bottle.
3. Fill the bottle with lime juice.
4. Shake and keep for an three hours to settle down.

Take two spoon full twice daily for two weeks

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