6 Popular Myths About Exercises

5 Myths About Exercises

According to wikipedia, exercise is a Physical activity intended to improve strength and fitness.
5 Myths About Exercises

But there are some myths or beliefs surrounding the way and how excercise should be. Here are the popular five:

1. If You Don't Feel The Pain, Then You Are Not Doing The Exercise Right.

Definitely, it is true that you should push yourself and try to extend the limits of your endurance level when you exercise, but what is not true at all, is that the best exercises are the ones that leave you feeling horribly sore, and beat up the next day.

Discomfort is natural during exercises, but pain? Bad idea. The idea that one should be in pain when exercising is simply wrong—muscle pain during or after exercise usually suggests an injury.  Though some muscle soreness is unavoidable, especially if you are new to a type of exercise.

This myth has been flagged as wrong by doctors, physical therapists, and researchers of all stripes, but it still persists because most people love the idea of pushing themselves to work out harder with pain.

 Though your workouts should still be challenging , but if you’re feeling any pain, you should stop.
"You want to exercise smarter, not harder,"

2. If You're Not Sweating, You're Not Putting Any Much Effort.

Everyone put sweating with exercising at equity, but that isn't always the case. People vary on how they sweat. Being physically trained improves your ability to sweat more and to start sweating sooner, men always tend to sweat more than women.

Sweating is related not only to exercise intensity, but also to the environment. If it's hot and humid, you're going to sweat more, even if you're not exercising. You will also sweat less if you're dehydrated or lose too much fluid while you're working out as your body has mechanisms to limit fluid losses to keep enough in your blood. So, sweating is not a reliable indicator of your effort level during exercise.

3. Lactic Acid Is The One Cause Of Pain After Exercise.

A common Knowledge is that lactic acid build-up in the muscle area causes muscle soreness. This is based on the fact that during intense exercise like weight training the muscles make energy for contraction anaerobically (without oxygen), which leads to lactic acid production. This is in contrast to aerobic exercises like walking or jogging that produce energy using oxygen, with little lactic acid build-up.

This belief has been shown to be false since any lactic acid that is produced during exercise is cleared shortly after you finish, long before muscle soreness begins.

Instead, that soreness is actually caused by tears in your muscle that occur as you exercise —especially if you’re just starting an exercise regimen:
It turns out that tough exercise leads to microscopic tears in the muscle, which leads to inflammation and soreness. This sounds bad, but the muscle damage is an important step in the muscle getting bigger and stronger. Your muscles are made up of protein filaments that shorten, leading to a contraction.

 Essentially, as your body repairs those microscopic tears, you’re building new, healthy, and strong muscle tissue. This is also the reason why weight training encourages you to increase the resistance or heaviness of your weights as you get accustomed to one level—it’s only through this process that you actually get stronger and build more muscle.

4. You Can Focus On Losing Fat From Certain Body Parts.

Fact is Spot-training does not work . Fat cells is every where across your entire body. If you want to get rid of fat from a specific spot, you need to lose overall body fat.

5. Exercise Alone Keeps You Healthy

Wrong Wrong Wrong..... Many think after exercising, you can do anything you want to your body. Exercising keeps you fit but not healthy, it only adds to your health status.

Your diet and lifestyle keeps you healthy.
Have you ever wondered why all these footballers keep slumping on and off the field, thats because they focus more on been fit, and not their health.
Not every one that exercises is healthy they are just fit.

6. All Exercises Are Good For The Body

Most belief, you can pick up any kind of exercise, then start to work out. Not all exercises are for male and vice versa, not all for old or young, some can even to lead to been hospitalised or in extreme cases death. Exercises need to be done with due consultation and at a particular regimen.

In conclusion, excercise is great for the body, meet up with a professional physical trainer to see which kind of excercise flows well with your body system, do not say because he/she owns a gym that they are certified. Be Sure, Its Your Health, Its Your Life.
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