4 Things That Happens To The Body When Electrocuted

May 2017

The human body is easily threatened. Our bodies are mostly destroyed by our own creations. Electrocution has been known to kill people either knowingly as in suicide ( which is rare ) or unknowingly ( which is really common ).
4 ThingsThat Happens To The Body When Electrocuted

Now contrary to believes that voltage in the electricity that kills, it is actually the current that does the evil, it moves through the body igniting the electrons in our body.

Our skin alone has a resistance of up to 100 000 ohms when dry, decreasing to about 1000 ohms when wet or broken. Men have lower resistance to women because of their thick bones.

Depending on the amount of current and on the course it passes through the body, here is what happens:

1. Cardiac Arrest

If the current moves from an arm to another it can pass through the heart and so can be very dangerous.

An electric shock of 110 volt or nearer to that amount in the chest can affect the operation of the heart's muscles causing a condition called ventricular fibrillation that can cause death if not treated quickly.

2. Burns

The resistance of the body will result in the production of heat which can lead to burns just like in the case of a wall socket that melts when current higher than its resistance passes through it. In such a case, burns might be obvious on the skin.

And also according to Wikipedia, if the voltage is above 500 then internal burns might occur. An organ inside the body, or more than one organ, might get completely burned as a result of the heat.

3. Loss of Muscular Control

When electrocuted, the flow of current in the body can force muscles to contract or spasm, preventing the person from moving the muscles subjected to shock.

If the current is strong enough, it damages the muscles, and might lead to amputation.

4. Damages the Nervous System

The human nervous system uses electrical impulses to communicate with the different parts of the body. Any external electric shock might interfere with the operation of the nervous system and cause undesired effects such as involuntary urinating, cognitive damage . The person might experience memory issues or even serious changes in his personality.

If the shock is strong enough then some nerves might get damaged causing a condition called neuropathy which might result in impairment in sensation or movement. 

Conclusion? As happy as we might be that electricity was discovered, DO NOT GET TOO FRIENDLY WITH IT.

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