How To Use Ointment Balm Effectively

May 2017

For many,Balm is a childhood household item, commonly used for cold and catarrh with body pain. Common brand names are Aboniki, Robb, Tiger Balm. Now we will be looking at 16 ways  to effectively use balm the right way.

How To Use Ointment Balm Effectively

1. Mosquito bites can be a menace. Balms can help take away the itchiness by applying it directly to the stung part of the skin . 

2. Balms are great insect repellent, as biting and stinging insects  do not like its strong scent. Leave a tin of  balm in every corner of the (bed)room during summertime, and leave the lid open. These insects will not enter a room that reeks of  balm. 

3. For those with rheumatic pains, balms can be used as a painkiller by applying it in the lower back area, legs, and directly on sore muscles and bones. Apply as many times as necessary. 

4. A bad body odor can be cured by the longtime use of  balm. Regularly apply  balm to the body, and the bad body odors will disappear. You will reek of menthol instead. 

5. Got diarrhea ? Rub some balm in and around the navel area, and cover it with the palm of your hand for two or three minutes to let the hotness work on the belly. You can also rub a little bit of balm in between the tailbone and anal area for full effect. 

6. Mothers can also  use balm when your baby has an inflamed bottom. Applying tiger balm to the anal area is said to provide some soothing relief. ( Not sure about this one, please always first consult a doctor before applying this balm on babies!) 

7. For the early signs of a soar throat, apply balm around the neck area before sleeping. Rub it generously around the neck with the palm of your hand, and your throat will feel better in the morning. 

8. Throbbing toothache may feel better after applying some balm to it. Put some balm on a clean cloth, and rub it into the affected area around the tooth. 

9. For mild burns: lightly apply the balm to the afflicted parts. It can help alleviate the pain and avoid blisters. The earlier the balm is applied, the better for your skin so always have one in the house

10. Corns and calluses on the feet may disappear after consistent use of balm. Smear the balm directly on to the corn. The balm is warmed with a warm cloth to improve the balm penetrate into the corn, and to repeat it every day, one to three times a day. 

11. Balm is an excellent remedy against headaches. Rub some balm on both side of your  temple and reapply if necessary. Be careful not to get the balm in your eyes. 

12. When you got a cold and have a stuffed nose, it might help to put some balm right underneath and around the nostrils to let your nose clear up. 

13. If you get carsick or seasick easily, touch the lips with some balm to prevent nausea, avoid it entering your mouth . 

14. Just as balms might help when suffering from diarrhea, it also help with constipation. Rub some balm around the belly area to ease the stomach. 

15. Research shows that German soccer players have discovered that applying some balm to your chest and calves can help to alleviate the pain associated with fast running. 

16.  For those suffering from cold feet in winter, balm might be the solution. Rub the cream into the feet to help stimulate and improve circulation. 

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