7 Type Of Drugs To Avoid During Pregnancy

May 2017

If you are expecting especially if you have waited so long to conceive, you are probably confused about a lot of things after reading all sorts, how and what to eat, hiw to sleep, group meetings to attend, and mostly which medications to avoid during pregnancy.
7 Type Of Drugs To Avoid During Pregnancy

The general rule is to avoid all over-the-counter medications during the first 8 weeks of pregnancy, because during that time, the baby's heart, lungs, and brain are formed.

But as the fetus grows and develops, there are certain types of medications you should really avoid throughout your pregnancy, as they could harm the fetus at any stage of development.

1. Antihistamines
Most antihistamines should be avoided. If you are suffering from allergies, you should try to avoid your allergy triggers as much as possible.

2. Antifungals
If you have a yeast infection during your pregnancy, consult your OB/GYN for a remedy. Some OTC yeast infection remedies are not cleared for use during pregnancy.

3. Painkillers
If you are suffering from headaches during pregnancy, most painkillers such as ibuprofen are off-limits. Seek alternative therapies, such as reflexology or massage.

4. Acne Medications
Most prescription acne medications, such as Accutane and Retin-A, are not safe to use during pregnancy. As your hormones adjust, you may find your skin clearing naturally.

5. Antibiotics
If you require a cycle of antibiotics during your pregnancy, your doctor will choose one that is safe. Tetracycline and Streptomycin are not OK to use.

6. Anticonvulsants
Some anticonvulsants are not safe to take, such as Diazepam or Clonazepam. If you need anticonvulsants, work with your doctor to find a prescription that has been cleared for use by pregnant women.

7. MAO Inhibitors
Antidepressants that have MAO inhibitors, such as Isocarboazid or Phenelzine, are not safe to use when pregnant. It's not uncommon to experience depression during pregnancy, so if you are in need of an antidepressant, your doctor will find one that is safe to use.
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