why you can not donate blood with a tattoo

april 2017

Yes you can not donate blood with a tattoo on your body and here is why.
Why you can not donate blood when you have a tattoo

The reason for this temporary deferral is the increased risk of Hepatitis B and other infections associated with tattoos and piercing. "Hepatitis" means inflammation of the liver. One of the way it could transmit is through blood to blood contact. So if the tattoo facility doesn't regulate sterile needles and ink that is not reused, there is a high probability of Hepatitis. 
Tattoos are notoriously associated with hepatitis B especially in the past when the disease was not identified and people used same needle to put tattoos on a lot of people.
Even post the window period of six months, it is mandatory to get the blood tested to avoid any chance of infection.
This is just an infection control measure. Caution is important to cut chances of infection.
Countries like UK and US follow stringent rules to ensure safety in the tattoo trade and it is illegal to conduct the tattoo business without formal approval and procurement of health permits.

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