why white spots appear on nails

April 2017
The medical term for white spots on your fingernails is leukonychia. Leukonychia can manifest in a number of ways: white spots, horizontal or vertical bands, and sometimes a total whitening of the nails. The spots can appear on just a few nails or on all of them, and can appear on both fingers and toes. 
why white spots appear on nails

why white spots appear on nails

If you, like me, have lived your life so far being completely baffled about why you get white marks on your fingernails occasionally, then we're about to solve the mystery.

An Infection
A large number of conditions can cause white spots on the nails. Examples include infectious diseases, herpes, malaria, fungal infections and even arsenic poisoning. 
When your body fights off infections it needs to devote more energy to that and so it slows down the growth of unimportant things like nails. The white lines then appear as a kind of indication that growth has been paused, but the good news is that the milk spots take so long to appear, you'd already know you had the fungal infection.

Mineral Deficiency

White spots on nails could indicate a zinc deficiency. The medical team at NetDoctor recommends taking between 20 and 40 mg of zinc to help with a possible deficiency. Talk to your doctor first if you have a medical condition or are taking other medication.

Injury to the nail

An injury at the base of your fingernail can cause white spots or dots on your nail as it grows. However, because of the time it takes for your fingernails to grow, you may not recall the injury. Some injuries will not show up for four weeks or more.
Common sources of injuries to nails include:
  • shutting your fingers in a door
  • striking your fingers with a hammer
  • hitting your nails against a counter or desk
Frequent manicures may also cause damage that results in these white spots on your nails. Pressure applied by the manicurist may damage the nail beds.

Solutions To White Spot On Nails 

The easiest thing you can do for white spots is just wait for the nail to grow out, which  takes about six weeks. Call your doctor if you experience other problems, such as pain, clubbed or distorted nails, or a bluish tint. These might indicate a more serious medical condition that your doctor will need to treat.

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