What Watching Too Much Television Does To Your Health

Too Much Of Anything Is Bad Especially Television 

April 2017

When we were little, our mom probably told us that sitting too close to the television, will irreparably harm your vision. But before you file this popular warning in the myth file, in reality,
sitting close to the TV won't hurt your eyes .
What Watching Too Much Television Does To Your Health

So why do parents the world over still say this to their kids? I will tell you, Because there was actually a very brief period of time where sitting close to the TV could damage your eyes—at least, if you owned a General Electric TV in the late 1960s.
In 1967, General Electric informed the public that many of their color televisions were emitting excessive x-rays due to a “factory error."

 Health officials at the time estimated that the amount of radiation coming from these defective TVs was about 10 to 100,000 times higher than the rate considered acceptable. They recommended keeping children a safe distance away—but as long as you were a few feet away and didn’t watch TV for more than an hour at a time or so at close range, you were probably fine.

General Electric recalled all of the defective TVs and fixed the problem by putting a leaded glass shield around the tubes, making up close and personal television viewing safe once again.

But in all truth, it does cause some harm, here are five factual points that staying close to television does more harm;

1. Your Brain Structure Changes

According to Psychology Today , one of the fundamental consequences that a large amount of screen time has on adults is a restructuring of the matter that makes up your brain. (The brain consists of grey matter, the heavy bit that makes up the folds, and white matter, which transmits messages between neurons.)

These results don't apply to everyone — they're all proven consequences of screen addiction , which is a psychological condition based around severely excessive use of electronic devices — but folks who aren't addicts but do use their devices heavily may experience some version of the same restructuring.

Too much screen usage seems to result in grey matter shrinkage, problems with white matter's ability to communicate, a lot more cravings, and general poorer cognitive performance.

2. You're More Vulnerable To Metabolic Syndrome

This particular finding comes from a 2008 study of adolescents, but its thinking still seems to hold true for folks of other ages. Metabolic syndrome combines diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure; it's a pretty toxic cocktail of poor health, apparently linked to an abnormally sedentary lifestyle.

 (You'll notice a pattern in this; the bodily damage done by screen time often doesn't have much to do with the screen itself, but rather hinges on the the fact that we sit still while binge-watching.)

But the 2008 study found a a pretty strong link between screen time and metabolic syndrome, even if the kids also did a bunch of physical activity after the fact — so the effects of sitting still for hours can't be undone with a single brisk walk.

3. You're More Vulnerable To Eye Strain

Its pretty well-recognised by the medical community that too much screen time is seriously bad for the peepers. Blue light from screens isn't just keeping us awake; it may also damage the retina and eye strain from too much device use is increasing.

A report by CBS had a few recommendations, including the 20-20-20 rule: after 20 minutes of staring at a screen, look at an object at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Plus, try to use the dimmer switch on your devices rather than letting them burn brightly for hours.

4. You May Not Be As Able To Process

Emotions As Previous Generations
This is an intriguing one. It's a contentious discovery in children — several places, including HBO and NPR, have hosted controversial specials about whether screen time really inhibits the emotional development of kids — but it may impact adults, too.

Even if you didn't grow up with an iPad within reach, lack of frequent face-to-face interaction, in favor of Facebook and other simulated emotional connections, may actually impact on your ability to process emotion properly.

The results for adults aren't in yet, but it doesn't seem like such a far-flung idea; even late adopters can be seriously damaged by a technology.

5. You're Likely To Die Earlier

For decades, studies have indicated that spending significant time parked in front of a screen — whether it's a TV, computer or tablet —
lowers cardiovascular health outcomes and increases mortality risk .

And the unfortunate thing about this is that exercising more doesn't seem to do much about it. If you're trying to offset your days of playing Skyrim on the couch with healthy amounts of exercise each day, it may not be enough.
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