How Foaming At Mouth Occurs

How Foaming Occurs At The Mouth

April 2017

What causes foaming at the mouth?

Different ailments and diseases causes one to foam at the mouth, some are in born that is genetic, while some are caused by ones self.
How foaming at the mouth occur

Here are some of the ailments that causes foaming at the mouth:

Bell's palsy
Cranial nerve palsies
Facial diplegia
Snake bite
Drug overdose

But thats not what we want to look at today, we want to look at how foaming at the mouth occurs. Now It depends on the scenerio.

How Foaming At Mouth Occurs When In Shock 

When a person goes into shock as in epilepsy or drug overdose, this is what occurs; This is mainly to do with the build up of excess saliva which is created by the teeth fully closed and the tongue which if not locked over the throat “excites” the Salivary Glands to create more saliva.

When the teeth are clenched and the person is having a severe fit, his body is tonic or paralyzed, they are often breathing very heavily (panting) or at least trying to. To that end the body is trying to breathe through the mouth, but can’t due to the clenched teeth.

The heavy breathing creates pressure behind the saliva and, what is to all intents and purposes hydraulic pressure builds up and forces the saliva through the small gaps in the teeth.

How Foaming At Mouth Occurs When One Is About To Die

Your muscles stop working when you die, so your bladder empties and stuff like that, because the muscles holding and controlling that stuff quit.

In the same way, the muscle preventing backflow from your stomach into your mouth quits too, allowing stomach acid into your mouth.

I read somewhere else that foam is made from a mixture of chemicals and substances and when it hits air it bubbles.
I'm concluding that as the person's dying, one by one their muscles slow/quit (I'm assuming heart and brain would be last to shut down).

When the muscle controlling the stomach stops, acid goes up into your mouth, mixed with whatever they overdosed on, making the foam.
Air hits it, causing it to bubble and bubble up to where you can visibly see it on their lips.


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