5 Reasons Why Men Have Razor Bumps

Why some men have razor bumps after shaving?

April 2017

Can some men just not shave there face without irritation? This is most likely a question we men ask ourself, So basically you have always had a problem shaving. No matter what you do, what razor you use, or what direction you shave , you always somehow manage to get razor bumps. Its actually so bad that you depend on a cream you put on your face that pulls out the hairs.
Reasons why most men have razor bumps

Reasons why men have razor bumps

So the main question is do you just suck at life or you just cant shave due to overly sensitive skin? Here are 5 reasons why?

1. Its Genetic
Most black men have razor bumps to white men even after using the best after shave, while some black men have never sighted a bump on their body before, its just the way it is.

2. Hair Type
Believe it OR not, your hair type matters a lot when it comes to shaving, curly hair have been known to have bumps mostly than other hair types, after curly hair comes the tough hairs then the straight hair

3. Skin Type
Most skin are just sensitive if is not razor bumps then is another irritation entirely.

4. Direction of Shave
Start with the sides, then the moustache area and last the chin. The chin hairs are the toughest, so this allows them the most time to soften under the shave cream.
Shaving against the direction of hair growth gives a closer shave, but has three drawbacks:

A. It's a good way to donate blood
B. It's the leading cause of razor burn, skin rash & skin irritation, and
C. You run a high risk of cutting off a hair below skin level, causing an ingrown hair (razor bumps) - the whisker grows into the surrounding tissue instead of out of the pore, resulting in inflammation and possible infection.

To avoid these shaving problems & skin irritations, again, shave "with the grain" (that is, in the direction your hair grows). Each person's facial hair has its own growth pattern. If you are unsure of the direction of your beard, let it grow for a day or two and you'll see it.

5. Razor Type
Change your razor type, if you were using manual change to electric and vice versa, some skin sets works better with certain types of blades.

After all these you still get razor bumps or irritation, keep a stubble.
Have much razor bumps keep a stubble

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