5 Healthy Advantages Of Being Fat

Pros Of Being Overweight
April 2017

Society teaches us from an early age that being overweight is bad for your health, you would always hear about slim fast tea, weight reducing pills, but not get fat tea or add weight pills, But for a little over a decade, People who are overweight have been known to have some healthy advantages based on research and case studies.
Healthy Advantages Of Being Fat

Here are five ( 5 ) health advantages of being fat:

When it comes to being fat or a little overweight, the best thing you can count on is a fast recovery. Comparing to a thin person the fat ones have this advantage. Due to the overweight they can recover easily from an injury or some sickness. When you're sick, your body may require more energy to heal properly, to some extent, extra fat can provide a crucial boost so you can bounce back faster.

Fat tissue as well as the hormones it releases improve bodily defense mechanisms by supplying energy reserves and anti-inflammatory agents. Thus, even though overweight people are more likely to develop serious health issues, normal and underweight people are much more likely to die from them. When it comes to heart disease, for example, a patient with a low percentage of body fat is more than four times as likely to die from the condition as an overweight patient with the same diagnosis.  Next time someone points out at you carrying that extra fat, enlighten them!

That extra layer of fat surely protects you from something. And yes it is the chilling wind and the low temperatures outside. So when others are chattering their teeth, you can sit and look for yourself that how blessed you are!

If you have that fat, you are more likely to keep away from infertility issues. The body’s reproductive system is favored by the fat that is stored in your body. It is true in case of both men and women.

Not just the recovery from the diseases as mentioned above, being overweight also gives you the advantage of avoiding many illnesses that you usually encounter. Risk of dementia, rheumatoid athritis.

Those gym-goers may find this hard to believe, but the corpulent counterparts have verifiably better stamina than you between the sheets.

The extra mass of the rotund affords them an average 7.3 minutes more game time per steamy session, with larger proportions of those in the healthy and underweight BMI groups suffering from the emasculating blight of premature ejaculation.

And scientific proof incredibly supports this outlandish claim. A female hormone called Estradiol, which can be found, once again, in that miracle abdominal 'spare tyre' of many men, is known to inhibit the male orgasm.

Fat has its uses, but overall the cons outweigh the pros.
Now obviously obesity is not a physical characteristic to be encouraged, but if you do find yourself breaking that third pair of bathroom scales, you may find consolation in this health facts. So before you shed some weight do not over do it, it might be useful.

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