Number ONE home remedy to reduce CHOLESTEROL

Easy Home Remedy To Reduce High Cholesterol In 2 Months!
Mar 9, 2017 5:15 AM

Have you been diagnosed with having a high level of blood cholesterol?

Most of us would know by now that high level of cholesterol in the body can lead to serious health consequences, right?

Well, then you can rely on a few effective natural remedies that can reduce cholesterol. If you are someone who leads a relatively unhealthy lifestyle, eat out a lot, hardly get any exercise, etc., then you may definitely be prone to conditions like high cholesterol.

An unhealthy diet, rich in fat and sugar content, is one of the main causes for the accumulation of a high level of cholesterol in the body.

Cholesterol is nothing but a soft, waxy substance that is found in the bloodstream and in the cells of our body.

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Cholesterol helps carry out certain important functions like producing cell membranes, stimulating the production of certain hormones, helping in the absorption of vitamin D by the body, etc.

However, if the amount of cholesterol becomes more in the body, it gets accumulated in the arteries, in the form of plaque and obstructs the blood flow to various important organs such as the heart, causing serious ailments.

Here is an excellent home remedy that can help reduce cholesterol.

Ingredients Required :
Orange Juice - ½ a cup
Apple Cider Vinegar - 2 tablespoons

This home remedy to reduce cholesterol can work wonders, especially when you follow a healthy diet and exercise routine along with it!

The combination of orange juice and apple cider vinegar acts as a powerful detox that can course through your arteries and flush out the cholesterol that is lodged inside and it can also flush out the toxins present in that process.

Method Of Preparation :
Add the suggested amounts of ingredients in a cup.
Stir well to form a mixture.
Consume this mixture, every morning before breakfast, for 2 months.
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