Adverse Effect of Energy Drinks To Your TEETH

REVEALED: THIS is what energy drinks does to your TEETH
Mar 7, 2017 8:39 PM

ENERGY DRINKS are packed with caffeine and can help give us a boost when we’re feeling tired – but the effect they have on our teeth is seriously damaging.
Energy drink and teethEnergy drinks: The effect they have on teeth may shock you

The damage that sugary drinks do to our teeth is something that many of us are less aware of – but one dentist’s experiment could put you off for life.

Dr Tom Bierman, 34, conducted an experiment to observe the adverse effects of fizzy drinks on teeth using his own wisdom teeth, which he’d had removed in his twenties.

He put each of them in a different liquid and left them there for two weeks to see what would happen.

One tooth was left in a bottle of cola energy drink, another in diet cola energy drink, another in a popular energy drink and the fourth in water to act as a control tooth.
Decayed EnamelEnergy drinks: After two weeks the tooth's enamel was coming away

The results were disturbing. The tooth immersed in cola energy drink was stained almost black.

The diet cola energy drink tooth “didn’t do much but was definitely stained,” according to Dr Bierman.

Meanwhile, the energy drink was by far the most damaged.

After a fortnight in the energy drink substance, the tooth had chunks of enamel coming off it and was consequently rust-coloured in appearance.
Cola stained toothCola stained the tooth almost completely black

"The enamel on this tooth was crumbling away – it had been a lot more destructive to the enamel than the cola tooth," said Dr Bierman.

"Even more concerning is that this was the sugar-free version of the energy drink: it's very potent stuff."
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