3 Steps To Make An Effective and Non Toxic Teeth Whitener

How To Make A Teeth Whitener
March 19, 2017
How to make a teeth whitener

1. To make a paste, mix two or three teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide and two teaspoons of baking soda together.

2. Place the mixture in a small bowl. The thickness of the paste should be consistent as the typical thickness of toothpaste.

3. For extra taste, a bit of flavorful mint or just a little scoop of toothpaste can be combined with the home-made paste.

Now, how is this home-made mixture used?

Use a toothbrush and leave the mixture on your teeth for at a couple of minutes. You should avoid swallowing the paste. If this happens, just drink lots of water.

What do I do after brushing the paste on my teeth?

You need to brush again using usual toothpaste to rid off the bitter taste of the hydrogen peroxide. Smokers, coffee drinkers and even grandparents may use this remedy to minimize the heavy stain on their teeth.

When I have a sensitive oral condition, could I use this paste?

If in case, you have gingivitis, cavities, open sores, or other gum problems, the paste may make your gums look pale for a short time. Remember that you should contact a doctor or even a physician before trying out this remedy.

How frequent can I apply the paste on my teeth?

At least once a week. You should avoid brushing your teeth with this paste more than that.

To summarize, here are some characteristics of do-it-yourself home-made teeth whitening systems:

The patient must be capable of performing and following the abovementioned instructions.
The person must allocate time to perform the do-it-yourself whitening remedies.
Inclination should stay as it can take more than a week before expected results are achieved.
Home-made remedies relatively cost less than professional teeth whitening solutions.

Hope this article puts a brighter smile upon your face!

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